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The "OPTEL" Со., Ltd, USATU ( t. Ufa, BASHKORTOSTAN, RUSSIA) designs and produces new high-speed laser computer-aided optoelectronic measuring systems.

The systems allow to measure geometric dimensions, shape, coordinates, orientations, angles, profiles of sections, thickness, velocities, temperatures, etc. during technological processes with high precision. The measurement are non-contact. The systems have not analogs for productivity / price ratio.

They are used in scientific researches and various fields of industry: aircraft engine, machine-building industry, metallurgy, tube rolling, electro technical facilities manufacturing, in measuring operations and automating technological process to increase suitable product output and quality, etc.

These systems are a new information technology tendency. They synthesize the latest achievements in optics, electronics, computer science and computer - aided information processing.

Object material can be various according to its composition ( metals, polymers, etc. ) and state ( solid, soft, fragile, cold, hot ).

Non-contact laser and optoelectronic measuring methods with electronic scanning of projection in an integrated image sensors, electronic and computer - aided data processing are used in systems.

These systems could be used both autonomously and as a part of information processing and measuring system, for example, in CAD/CAM ( "AutoCAD", "Unigraphics", "Cimatron", "Adem" e.t.c.). For this purpose there are suitable displays and communication with a IBM PC and other peripheral systems. Computer with original software used for data recording, computer-aided data processing and control signals formation.

The following optoelectronic systems are designed for various applications :

  - the optoelectronic meters for simultaneous measurement of dimensions and positions of cold and red - hot objects, thickness and width of sheet, for example, for inspecting pipes, tube rolling in metallurgy and other industries;

  - the optoelectronic meters for simultaneous measurement of the diameter and temperature of red-hot work-pieces, displacement and temperature distribution for using in metallurgy and as well as in the process of growing monocrystals, manufacturing light fibers, wires, sticks and other glass objects;

  - the optoelectronic systems for measurement of dimensions, position and temperature of welding bath in the welding process;

  - the optoelectronic sensors for industrial and robot systems;

  - the optoelectronic inspecting robot system for measurement 3D complex shaped objects;

  - the laser optoelectronic systems "OPTEL-200", "OPTEL-B", "OPTEL-TB", OPTEL-T", "OPTEL-200", etc. for 1D, 2D, 3D high precision and fast measurement of geometric parameters of objects of complicated shape: blades of GTE, press-forms, templates, pistons etc., for CAD - CAM - DMIS systems and production quality control;

  - the optoelectronic computer-aided "MARS-1" and "MARS-2" systems for non-contact measurement of parameters of fast moving objects: positions, speeds and accelerations in aerospace complexes: systems for testing fast processes and objects ( flight and aerospace objects, article and material deformation, etc. );

  - the optoelectronic systems for application in medicine and criminalistics: for measuring teeth, heads, bones, bodies, sculls, bullets, etc.

  - the optoelectronic system "OPTEL-CW" for non-contact automated simultaneous measurements of wear, zigzag and height of contact wire in electrified railways, using mobile research laboratory, locomotive and tram.

  - the optoelectronic "OPTEL-TH" systems for optoelectronic computer-aided inspection of the tubes and clutches thread geometry.



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